Frequency inverter for the pump control.
– ART function (Automatic Reset Test). If the device has been stopped due to the action of the
safety system against dry operation, the ART tries to connect the pump, with a programmed
periodicity because the water supply could have been restored.
– Automatic restore system after an interruption of power supply. System restores the previousmode keeping the configuration parameters.
– Electronic input for detection of minium water level in aspiration tank- optional-. This system is
independent of the safety system against dry-running operation.
– Volt-free contact for monitoring the alarms displayed in screen originated by irregularities or problems of the system. This option is only on one-phase divices.
– STC function (Smart Temperature Control): when temperature of electronic circuit is over 85 ºC
reduce automatically the frequency of the pump and decrease the generation of heat but keeping
the flow of water.
– Control and information panel with LCD screen.
– External pressure transducer 0-10 bar or 0-16 bar (under request) with 4-20 mA input.
– Inner current sensor with instantaneus digital reading.
– Register of operational controls. Infomation about: operating hours, counter of starts, counter of
connections to the power supply.
– Register of alarms. Information about type and number of alarms since the starting up of the
– Open PID in the expert menu.
– Cooling by natural or forced convection depending on the model.
– Optional thermal-magnetic circuit breaker (except model 1314 TT)
– EMC certified residential class C1 or C2.