Nobana RO A9-600G

Nobana RO A9-600G


💧Compact size – 435x160x400mm (L x W x H)
💧600GPD or 1.6lt/min direct flow
💧Best water efficiency – 1.5lt produced to 1lt waste **
💧No storage tank – Less bulk while supplying fresh water instantly
💧TDS reading of water quality on unit (both for inlet and product)
💧Simple to install and maintain
💧Filter/membrane are replaced in seconds

** most products on the market waste 3lt with every 1lt produced!

Items included:

  • RO System x1
  • Filter element x2
    • CBPA (carbon composite) – replaced every 9-12 months
    • RO (membrane) – replaced every 18-24 months
  • Twin-lever faucet x1
    • One lever for carbon/pre-filtered water
    • One lever for RO filtered water
  • Power supply x1
  • PE (polyethylene) pipe x2
  • Accessory Kit x1

This product is eligible for the Grant on the Purchase and Installation of Water Purifying Equipment (click here for more information), resulting in a rebate of up to 40% on the purchase and installation cost.


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