• Self-priming close-coupled centrifugal pumps with built-in ejector system, designed to remain primed even in the presence of water-dissolved gases. The extensive use of pressed stainless steel ensures a high-performance, durable and lightweight pump. Suitable for use with drinking water.
  • Centrifugal pump for clear water. Used for transferring water. irrigation and pressure boosting.
  • JCRm1B-N

    Stainless steel self-priming pump. Automatically removes air from the suction system. Used for clear water for domestic envioronments in irrigation, pressure boosting, etc.

    Stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump. Silent operation. Used for pressure boosting, irrigation, etc.
  • Suitable for use with clean water and with liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made. As a result of their quietness these pumps are widely used in domestic applications such as the distribution of water in combination with small and medium sized pressure tanks, and for the irrigation of gardens and orchards, etc. The pump should be installed in an enclosed environment or sheltered from inclement weather.
  • PKm60

    Peripheral pump used for irrigation, pressure boosting and transferring of clear water with no abrasive particles.
  • Self-priming multi-stage pumps. Suitable for use with clean water even where air is present. Low noise operation.